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Capturing special moments with your loved ones

Family photographer gansbaai

Let's make art together.

Let's capture these special moments together, wether with your family, partner or furry friends. I love to create art together by playing with light, experiencing love and appreciating the beauty of sunsets and nature around us. Let's create lasting memories with your loved ones, photos that you will cherish in the future and moments that come back alive when you look back at them.

Tell me more.

Would you like to book a photoshoot with me? Explore the price packages below, select the one that suits you best and drop me an e-mail. Please let me know what type of shoot you have in mind and if you have a location in mind already. If you're unsure about the location, don't worry - I have a few secret spots!

Let's begin planning! As you can see in my photos, I love warm colours. I play with it in the editing process, but it starts with soft natural light during the photoshoot. So ideally, we'll schedule our photoshoot in the afternoon, approaching sunset.

What to wear? Your comfort is my priority, so always choose something that makes you feel good. Natural colours, mixed and matched within the same color scheme, go very well with my photography and editing style. Consider to avoid bright colours as they reflect back onto your skin. My advise is to avoid big patterns and logo's, as they draw immediate attention. However the final choice is always yours, but if you need a bit of help with styling and selecting your clothing, I'm more than happy to assist.

For a photoshoot with your animal, make sure your furry friend looks clean and bring along some treats. As a loyal animal lover, I prioritise the well-being of the animal. We will take our time, take breaks if necessary and I will make sure that the session is a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Couple photography Gansbaai
horse photography gansbaai



Send me an email to book your shoot!

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