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Your most beloved day captured



Forever treasures.

It would be the biggest honour to capture your most special day! Whether the sun is shining through at the ceremony or if we're dancing in the rain, I'm there to capture it all. With a calm yet confident presence, I focus on real emotions, those in-between moments, the tears and the laughter. I enjoy doing this while you may not even notice me, yet I'm also prepared to take the reins and guide you where needed. I would love to capture your moments, creating forever treasures for you to look back on.

Behind the camera.

In the past ten years, I've gained a lot of experience in various types of photography, light situations and diverse subjects. I can read a location and light quickly and know what is needed to get the best out of every situation. What gets me very excited is love and light! The golden glow of the sunset, or the soft pastel sky just after the sun has set, together with happy souls sharing a special memory, makes me an excited photographer and person.




Feel free to enquire about my pricing. Drop me an email, and I'll share the details of my wedding packages with you.

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