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Behind the camera.

Hi! My name is Wilke, I am 30 years old and originally from The Netherlands.

In 2016 I came to South Africa for the first time. I did volunteer work with horses for two months and ended up falling in love with this beautiful country and with a beautiful man. In 2018 I officially moved to South Africa and am living in De Kelders (WC) since. My passions are photography, animals and nature.

So how wonderful is it to combine all three of them at the same time? 

In the Netherlands I completed a four year Secondary Vocational Education level 4 study in photography, in 2013. I had my own small company in horse photography until I moved to South Africa. I also worked fulltime as a real estate photographer for a while, which I really enjoyed as well.

Memories fade, but the pictures will always remain. I love to catch love in my pictures. It is something strong and pure and it is everywhere, it connects us.


My goal is that you will feel the love, when looking at the pictures I created for you. And that you will always have a memory on your wall that you can cherish.

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